Why is roadside assistance cover required in a car insurance policy?


Why is roadside assistance cover required in a car insurance policy? To drive a four wheeler on Indian roads and highways, you must have valid and active car insurance coverage. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to have at least third-party liability coverage.

Why is roadside assistance cover required in a car insurance policy?

However, such an insurance plan only provides basic coverage. If you want to protect your four-wheeler from man-made and natural calamities, you will need comprehensive car insurance. This type of policy also allows you to get 360° coverage through riders or add-ons. One of these is RSA or Roadside Assistance cover.

The RSA (Roadside Assistance) add-on provides the much-needed assistance to four-wheeler owners when their vehicle breaks down or suffers a technical fault at home or on the road. Being stuck in an unknown location with no access to repairs can be frustrating and frustrating. That’s where the Roadside Assistance add-on can help.

Leading insurance providers in India, such as Tata AIG, offer this cover as an optional add-on that four wheeler owners can choose to purchase along with the basic four wheeler insurance plan. Let us understand what exactly is roadside assistance in four wheeler insurance and why it is so important.

What is Roadside Assistance in Four Wheeler Insurance?

As the name suggests, Roadside Assistance, or Car Breakdown Assistance, provides immediate assistance when your car breaks down, especially when you least expect it. This is an add-on rider that lets you jumpstart the engine of your four wheeler, fix a flat tyre, get enough fuel to take you to the next fuel pump, or even drive your four wheeler Tows the vehicle. active. Nearest mechanic.

Roadside assistance cover, in essence, helps you deal with difficult situations when your car breaks down or breaks down and provides relief. Roadside Assistance is generally available as an add-on to the comprehensive car insurance coverage options in India.

So, when you buy car insurance in India from a reputed insurance provider, make sure you buy this add-on cover to avoid the hassle arising out of these above situations. Depending on the insurance plan, the service is often provided free of charge during the term and duration of your four wheeler insurance plan.

Benefits of having roadside assistance cover

Roadside assistance offers several benefits to the policyholder. What you can get is as follows:

Battery Problem: There are occasions when the car battery gets dead or the drive stops due to a battery problem. In this scenario, your roadside assistance coverage will come to your aid.

Provision for spare keys: There is a risk that you will lose your vehicle keys and be unable to locate them. In case you do not find your keys, your car breakdown assistance cover will arrange for a pick up and delivery service to provide you with the new keys, or they will help you unlock your car with the help of a car mechanic.

Flat Tyre: This is one of the primary challenges that everyone has faced at some point in their life. It is easy to panic when you are stuck somewhere and your tire is punctured. The Roadside Assistance add-on cover will help you in this situation to arrange for the right mechanic and get the old tire replaced with a new tyre.

Minor Repairs: Sometimes your four wheeler gets stuck or you are unable to start the engine. In such unforeseen circumstances, your roadside assistance cover will come in handy by offering repair assistance.

Fuel Assistance: You can face this problem anytime and from any where. Your car’s fuel tank is almost empty before you leave. In such cases, you can avail of roadside assistance coverage. You can use it to transport a limited amount of fuel to the place where you are stuck. However, you will be responsible for the fuel cost.

Towing Services: Suppose your insured vehicle cannot be fixed on the spot by the designated mechanic and needs to be towed to a garage for servicing, then your Roadside Assistance cover will assist you by arranging towing assistance.
Considerations Before Buying Roadside Assistance Cover

Listed below are some of the factors that you should consider while purchasing roadside assistance add-on coverage:

Age of the car: Mechanical problems are more likely to occur as the vehicle matures. As a result, most service providers hesitate to offer RSA coverage for vehicles older than five years. And, even if they do provide coverage, the annual fee will be exorbitant.
Plan Price: The cost of roadside assistance is heavily influenced by the age of the vehicle and the number of services received. However, another important consideration is your general travel path. If you travel only within your city, your plan may be different from someone who travels inter-city regularly.

Number of services available: There is a limit on the total number of services available in the add-on cover Why is roadside assistance cover required in a car insurance policy?

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